Drone Services in Burlington, Vermont

Refract Media offers various drone services to commercial, residential, and industrial clients in the Burlington area. We can support many needs and deliver services beyond those of traditional satellite and inspection tools.

Find out more about how we serve our clients in Burlington, Vermont, below.

Drone Services, Burlington, VT

Located just south of the America-Canada border along the shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington is a thriving city known for its affinity for the arts. It is a great place to live and work, and we have always enjoyed working there.

Drone technology is a relatively new industry, and at Refract Media, we’re on a mission to put it to good use across Burlington, Vermont. We have worked with various clients, including commercial, residential, public organizations, and industrial clients.

Our pilots are certified by Transport Canada and have passed the ITC’s Thermography examinations. We provide high-quality services to our clients and ensure you understand the entire process before we go in. Thanks to an agreement between the USA and Canada, we are allowed to fly in the United States on a per operation basis, following a permission request from the FAA.

Using drones has many benefits above and beyond that of traditional services, including

  • Being more cost-effective than other inspection technologies
  • Being able to maneuver in hard-to-reach and dangerous spaces
  • Being able to be in the air at short notice
  • Offering higher quality photography and video than other forms of tech

The solutions offered by Refract Media in Burlington cover many scenarios, including in the areas of construction, engineering, urbanism, real estate, forestry, tourism, mining, architecture, demolition, and search and rescue.

Our Services in Burlington, VT

The services we offer in Burlington vary and are effective in several industries. Find out more about them below.

Drone Mapping

We use drone mapping to generate highly detailed site maps. The process, known as an orthomosaic, corrects distortion and rebalances colour. The end product is a seamless mosaic dataset.

You can use these mapping services for several reasons, including creating 3D maps with accurate measurements and getting quality imagery of areas of interest.

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Visual Inspection

Our inspection services use drone imagery to give you an aerial view of progress, structural comparisons, and maintenance updates. Before we go in, our team will provide you with an outline of the expectations we will meet.

We provide deliverables that can include video and photographic documentation of the site.

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Infrared Imaging

Using thermal imaging can provide imagery that the naked eye cannot see. It can get behind walls, under roofs, and more to find issues you wouldn’t know about without it, or only after it’s too late.

Temperature variations are key to revealing issues that can cause significant damage. You can use our infrared imaging for preventative maintenance in the Burlington area.

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Drone Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a versatile solution for detailed information on an area of land or for generating a 3D model of infrastructure. It involves overlapping 2D images using specialist software to create a 3D model of your site or infrastructure. You can use this service to gain insight into the topography of an area of land or use the generated infrastructure 3D models to analyze and calculate your engineering options.

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Site Progression Monitoring

Sometimes called construction progress monitoring, this service helps you monitor a project’s progress. Our drones capture imagery you can present to your stakeholders to help them better understand delays or budget overruns, you can keep track of your milestones and identify potential bottlenecks.

We provide you with a periodic visual record to achieve your monitoring requirements.

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Volumetric Analysis

Volumetric analysis gives you accurate measurements of resources, including earthworks, stockpiles, and material quantities. It helps ensure reliable project results and can make resource allocation easier.

You can use this service to enhance project planning and decision-making. It is beneficial as it helps avoid human error and can streamline your operation.

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Why Choose Refract Media for Your Burlington, VT Drone Needs?

To begin with, we’ve been in our field for a long time, so we have in-depth knowledge of drone tech and will always use the most effective method possible. All our drone pilots are certified and trained to the highest standards.

Our priority is you, so whether you’re using our services for inspections or photogrammetry, we want you to understand the process before we go in. Our team is committed to your satisfaction, and we will always get the job done.

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