Drone Services in Mont-Tremblant

Refract Media offers many drone services in and around the Mont-Tremblant region. If you’re an industrial, commercial, or residential client in Mont-Tremblant looking for drone technology support, we can help.

Find out more about our drone company serving Mont-Tremblant below.

Drone Company, Mont-Tremblant

Refract Media offers services using drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to various industries in the Mont-Tremblant area, including industrial, residential, and commercial companies.

We work in industries such as mining, construction, engineering, oil and gas, urbanism, forestry, real estate, tourism, architecture, demolition, and search and rescue.

The drone industry is relatively new, but it can offer many advantages. These include the following.

  • It is a more cost-effective inspection tool than more traditional inspection options
  • Drones can operate in much smaller, harder-to-reach spaces
  • Drones can be in the air at short notice
  • High-quality drone footage can be produced, including photographs, videos, and thermographic images

At Refract Media, all drone pilots are trained and certified by Transport Canada. They have all passed the ITC’s thermography examinations. We are committed to delivering high-quality images to all our clients.

Our Services, Mont-Tremblant

Below, we’ve summarized the services we can offer in Mont-Tremblant and the surrounding areas.

Drone Mapping

We use drone mapping to produce detailed site maps for you. We use orthomosaic, a process that corrects distortion and rebalances the colour. This creates a seamless mosaic dataset.

We use this technology to create 3D maps with accurate measurements and to get high-quality images of areas of interest.

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Visual Inspection

A popular service in the drone market is visual inspection. Drones offer high-performance visual inspections that produce better quality imagery than traditional satellite imagery and are more cost-effective than traditional inspection methods. You can use visual inspection services to identify defects, structural comparisons, and maintenance updates.

We can provide you with video and photographic documentation of the site.

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Infrared Imaging

As one of the top drone companies in the region, we’re proud to offer infrared imaging services. These services can go beyond traditional inspection methods, showing us behind walls, under roofs, and in other areas that may be hiding defects.

You can use these services for preventative maintenance to catch problems before they cause significant damage. Temperature fluctuations can reveal issues you won’t see with traditional methods but that we can pick up with infrared imaging.

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Search and Rescue

Search and rescue (SAR) operations must get off the ground quickly. Drones can be in the air quickly, they are a valuable addition to your SAR operations.

Time is of the essence in SAR operations because the longer someone is lost, the lower their chances of survival. We use daylight and thermal imaging to help find people in distress on rough terrain, and our pre-planned flight paths allow us to conduct effective grid searches.

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Drone Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry uses unmanned aerial vehicles to collect 2D photographs, which we overlap using photogrammetry software to create 3D representations of the terrain or infrastructure. The process has allowed for significant advancement in surveying, mapping, spatial analysis and 3D modelling for engineering use.

Our drone photogrammetry services are perfect if you need to gather data over large areas quickly. It lets you get the whole picture, even when covering inaccessible or challenging terrain.

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Site Progression Monitoring

Site progress monitoring, or construction progress monitoring, is a service used to get periodic visual updates on how a project is progressing.

Site progression monitoring gives project managers, stakeholders, and other parties an accurate depiction of how their project is unfolding, whether it’s on track for the desired completion date, and whether there are any delays or cost overruns.

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Volumetric Analysis

You can use our volumetric analysis services to accurately measure material volumes, including calculating stockpiles, earthworks, and material quantities. You can use the service to gain exceptional insight into your resources, making allocation and sustainable utilization easier.

Volumetric analysis eliminates human error and streamlines your operations to improve the overall efficiency of your project.

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Why Should You Choose Refract Media in Mont-Tremblant?

To begin with, all our pilots are highly qualified and committed to offering a quality service. We will walk you through our process step-by-step so you know what to expect from our services. Your satisfaction is our key priority.

We have a deep understanding of drone technology with many years of experience. We use this knowledge to offer cost-effective services that meet our client’s expectations.

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