Drone Mapping and Drone Surveying Services in Montreal and Across Canada

For high-quality drone mapping and surveying across Canada, Refract Media will be happy to be your provider. Our drone mapping services are carried out with diligence using accurate measurements and photogrammetry software to ensure the images captured are valuable to you.

As a relatively new method of data collection that offers more than traditional methods can,
aerial surveying can seem foreign and unknown. At Refract Media, we’re committed to talking you through the entire process.

Before we begin, we’ll ensure you have an understanding of our drone mapping technique and how it benefits you. We want all of our clients to get the best value out of our data collection.
Find out more about these services below.

Our Drone Mapping Services

Refract Media has clients across many industries, including commercial, residential, and industrial clients. We’ve been providing drone services, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles
(UAVs), for a long time and are confident our services will give our clients exactly what they

What is Drone Mapping?

Drone mapping, or drone surveying, is essentially a method of data collection using aerial images gathered through repeated drone flights. Drones allow land surveying on a whole new level and can give much more detail than conventional methods, like satellite and ground surveying.
When we use drone mapping to survey areas of interest, we take many aerial images and adjust and collate them into a single large image through a process called orthomosaic imaging. We can also extract the 3D information from these images, creating a 3D model of the area through a process called photogrammetry.
The drone flies in a specific pattern to ensure that everything in the area of interest is photographed. These photographs must overlap to ensure that the software can recognize common features called ‘tie points’. The geotagged images are then compiled into one image.

When are Drone Surveying Services Used?

Drone mapping is requested by many of our clients across different industries. It can be used for many purposes, including
  • Measuring material availability, which can be useful for mining and aggregate professionals
  • Cut and fill measurements for contractors looking to calculate how much earth is being removed
  • Progress tracking to see your project at every stage
  • Creating 3D site models
  • Improving scheduling and efficiency
  • Producing topographical surveys of areas of interest
  • Visualizing projects
  • Improving worksite safety by travelling over hazardous terrain and calculating measurements like height and slope
  • Creating a library of company sites
  • Surveying land for potential sites
  • For use by 3D artists

What Can I Expect From Working With Refract Media?

At Refract Media we’re committed to offering all of our clients high-quality services. All of our pilots are certified for advanced operations by Transport Canada and have passed the ITC’s Thermography examinations.

We are dedicated to ensuring you understand what happens when we carry out our drone surveying services before we start. That way, you can ask any questions and understand our deliverables.

We offer a wide range of deliverables as needed, including video documentation and photo files. If you have questions about our services, our team is knowledgeable and friendly. They’re always available to answer your questions and ensure that what we produce is useful for you.

Where Can I Find Your Drone Mapping and Surveying Services?

Refract Media is based in Montreal and we operate across Canada and the US. Our customer support team will be able to answer any questions regarding where and when we can carry out drone mapping for you.

For Drone Mapping and Surveying Services in Montreal and the Rest of Canada, Look No Further Than Refract Media

For high-quality drone surveying services, reach out to Refact Media today. We’re committed to giving our clients everything they require from our drone services.

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