Drone Services in Quebec City

Refract Media is a premier provider of drone services in Quebec City, delivering unparalleled aerial solutions to a diverse clientele. We pride ourselves on going beyond the conventional limits of inspection methods, offering our clients innovative and high-performance drone services.

Drone Company Serving Quebec City

As a leading drone company in Quebec City, Refract Media brings a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge to the rapidly evolving drone industry. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of data and imagery we provide, ensuring client satisfaction in every project. 


We cater to a wide array of industries, from engineering and construction to tourism, real estate, and emergency services.

Our services offer significant advantages over traditional methods:

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to standard inspection tools
  • Ability to access dangerous, hard-to-reach spaces
  • Rapid deployment capabilities
  • Production of high-quality footage, including photos, videos, and thermographic imaging

Our team at Refract Media consists of highly skilled drone pilots, all certified by Transport Canada and qualified in thermography examinations from the ITC. We are dedicated to providing superior-quality imagery and data to all of our clients in Quebec City.

Our Drone Services in Quebec City

Learn about our drone services in the Quebec City area.

Drone Mapping

We specialize in detailed drone mapping, providing superior aerial photography for various applications in Quebec City. Our process involves orthomosaic techniques to correct distortions and balance colours, resulting in accurate, seamless mosaic datasets.

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Visual Inspection

Rely on our drone visual inspection services for comprehensive structural assessments. Drone imagery offers a new perspective for defect detection, structural comparisons, and maintenance updates, all delivered with clear video footage or high-resolution images.

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Infrared Imaging

Our infrared imaging services are invaluable for preventive maintenance, revealing hidden issues in structures such as roofs and behind walls. Detect early signs of damage that might be invisible to the naked eye with the help of our advanced technology.

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Drone Photogrammetry

Our drone photogrammetry services use 2D photographs to create detailed 3D renderings. Ideal for surveying, mapping and spatial analysis, this service provides comprehensive data over large areas, allowing you to get an accurate snapshot of the area even in difficult terrain.

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Site Progression Monitoring

Keep track of your project’s development in Quebec City with our site progression monitoring services. Regular drone monitoring provides accurate updates on project milestones, delays, and budgetary concerns to everyone from project managers to stakeholders.

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Volumetric Analysis

Our volumetric analysis service offers precise material volume measurements for calculating stockpiles, earthworks and material quantities. This tool is crucial for resource allocation and project efficiency, eliminating manual errors and streamlining operations in Quebec City.

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Why Should You Choose Refract Media in Quebec City?

Refract Media combines years of expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver drone services that exceed expectations. Our services are safe, compliant, and tailored to the diverse needs of multiple industries.

Our commitment to client satisfaction, combined with our comprehensive service offerings, makes us the preferred choice for drone services in Quebec City.

Looking for a Drone Company in Quebec City? Contact Refract Media Today!

For more information about our drone services in Quebec City, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re here to provide the aerial solutions you need with the quality and reliability you deserve.

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