Visual Drone Inspections in Montreal and Across Canada

Refract Media is a committed drone service company offering a range of visual inspection services to clients across Canada. We cater to a variety of industries, as well as commercial and residential clients.
At Refract Media, we want to ensure that all of our clients get what they need from our services, so we offer a range of deliverables depending on what your project requires.
Find out more about our visual inspection services below.

Visual Inspections Using Drones

Visual inspections using drones offer a thorough method of inspecting areas of interest. Refract Media produces high-resolution images, giving you timely and cost-effective information.

These visual inspections using drones can be carried out in places that are difficult for workers to get to. This means that difficult-to-reach places where the human eye may not be good enough, like the underside of antennas on telecom towers and other such equipment, can also be inspected.

What Will I Get From a Visual Inspection With Refract Media?

Drone inspections provide aerial images of areas of interest. You can get a full view of your area or equipment and enhance safety, security, and quality control in your project.

All of our pilots are certified in advanced operations by Transport Canada and have also passed the ITC’s Thermography examinations. This means our drones can be fitted with a range of devices that offer more in-depth inspections than can be done using traditional methods.

What Are The Benefits of Using Drone Inspection


Using drone technology to inspect your area of interest can offer you many advantages over conventional methods. These include:

  • Thorough inspections: Drones are highly effective in inspection services. They can detect faults, flaws, and defects in equipment and structures, scan and produce high-resolution images, and track progress on a project over time.
  • Accuracy: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used to produce accurate measurements and give clients more details about the area or object that they’re inspecting.
  • Time-sensitive inspections: For large spaces, hard-to-reach areas, and more, drones can be used to inspect in a much more efficient way than the human eye can.
  • Reduced costs: While drones are expensive technology, they can reduce overall inspection costs by making the process more efficient.

Industries That Could

Use Drone Inspections

At Refract Media, we have lots of clients from many industries that use our visual inspection services. These include:
  • Construction

  • Civil engineering

  • Urbanism

  • Real Estate

  • Forestry

  • Tourism

  • Mining

  • Rescue

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Infrastructure and Utilities

  • Public safety

Working with Refract Media

Refract Media is a Canadian agency offering a range of drone services. These services are designed to reduce costs for visual inspections, decrease the resources needed to ensure safe and secure working conditions and produce accurate aerial images for our clients to use.

We offer various deliverables, including video documentation, thermographic images, and RGB images. All images we produce are high-quality and high-resolution.

We begin all of our services with a pre-inspection meeting where we outline all the expectations of the inspection and discuss the process with you. At Refract Media, we’re dedicated to making sure all of our clients understand what our services offer and give the best service possible.

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For all visual inspections, your first call should be Refract Media. We offer high-quality drone services to clients across Canada and maintain impeccable standards in all the work we do. Get in touch for more information now.

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